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A think tank that is made up of a group of non partisan independent thinkers that brings Scottish constitutional academics and experts from around the world to research the big questions that a independent Scotland needs answers and policies for a independent future. SSRG meets regularly to ask the questions and get experts answers. Only once all the facts have been established and verified from more than one source does our group public a policy paper.


SSRG has a 2nd purpose and that is we bring together the many expert groups that have produced specialist reports and/or policy options. Whether it's Scotland's economy, climate issues or future trade with the European Union, SSRG brings a critical eye to all areas of policy.


The Scottish Sovereignty Research Group was formed in December 2020, when it became increasingly evident that Scotland achieving its independence was an increasingly forlorn prospect.


While the May 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections have produced a pro-independence referendum majority, there is neither a clear route to holding a referendum which would be legally binding under the Westminster-based Scotland Act, nor seemingly any preparation by the Scottish government nor Parliament for what kind of state Scotland would become upon achieving independence.


This has been the primary motivation for the formation of the SSRG, and we are seeking to perform the following functions:

  • Research means to become independent which will be legally recognized other than through a Westminster sanctioned referendum

  • Continue to develop a written constitution.

  • Hold a broad survey among Scots to determine what kind of country they would like to see, modelled on for Catalonia. 

  • Seek out researchers in specialized areas to develop policy papers in the following domains:

    • Currency

    • Pensions 

    • Foreign Policy

    • Defence

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